OSD Install on the Shuriken 180 Pro

HolyBro Micro minimOSD and Lemon Sat Rx

The above photo shows the optional HolyBro Micro minimOSD (red, black and yellow wires) and a Lemon Rx DSMX-Compatible Diversity Satellite Receiver temporarily connected for testing. The Lemon diversity sat receiver upgrade and OSD installation were done at the same time while the Shuriken 180 Pro was disassembled. Installation of the Lemon diversity sat receiver is covered separately.

The optional HolyBro Micro minimOSD for the Shuriken 180 Pro now comes with all wires soldered and connectors installed, ready to plug right in. The heat-shrink tubing is purposely left loose for any changes or additions, such as RSSI, second battery, etc.

Since I swapped out the original HolyBro Rinnegan FPV camera with a RunCam Swift Mini, I had to change the 4-pin camera connector to 3-pin. The RunCam Swift Mini has a 3-pin video side connector and 2-pin OSD/setup, whereas the Rinnegan has a single 4-pin connector. For the 3-pin connector, I just removed one of the 3-pin connector housings from the cable that came with the RunCam camera, as shown below.

FPV camera connector changed from 4-pin to 3-pin
FPV camera connector changed from 4-pin (Rinnegan) to 3-pin (RunCam)

Installing the HolyBro Micro minimOSD in the Shuriken 180 Pro was simple. The printed circuit board (PCB) can be installed on top of the VTX (as shown below) or aft of the VTX jumpers and UART connectors. With the Micro minimOSD PCB in heat-shrink tubing, it fits nicely on top of the VTX with most of the wires taped off to the side. I would probably use double-sided foam tape if I were to mount it behind the jumpers.

In the photo below, the loose wires and connector go up through the hole under the FPV camera in the carbon-fiber top plate and connect to the FPV camera.

HolyBro Micro minimOSD installed in Shuriken 180 Pro
HolyBro Micro minimOSD installed in Shuriken 180 Pro

After installing the HolyBro Micro minimOSD, UART2 needs to be enabled in Betaflight Configurator.

UART2 enabled in Betaflight Configurator
UART2 enabled in Betaflight Configurator
HolyBro Micro minimOSD Wiring Diagram
HolyBro Micro minimOSD wiring diagram for reference

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or personal review on the HolyBro Micro minimOSD module for the Shuriken 180 Pro. Registration not required.

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4 Comments about OSD Install on the Shuriken 180 Pro

  1. Scusami, io ho inserito tutti i cavi come hai fatto te, ho abilitato la porta uart2 ma non vedonulla neanche l immagina della telecamera. Nella foto evidenzi tx2 e rx2 ma vanno collegati?

    Excuse me, I have included all the cables as you did, I enabled the uart2 port but do not even see the image of the camera. In the photo highlight tx2 and rx2 but must be connected?

  2. I did not connect TX2 and RX2 to anything. If you are not getting video, you may want to verify that you have the OSD board correctly wired.

    Non ho collegato TX2 e RX2 a nulla. Se non si ottiene il video, è possibile verificare che la scheda OSD sia cablata correttamente.

  3. il cablaggio e uguale al tuo ma 2 schede micro mini osd non funzionano,non vedo nulla hai qualche opinione

    the wiring is the same as yours but 2 micro mini osd cards do not work, I do not see anything…

  4. Did you enable UART2 in Betaflight Configurator?

    Hai abilitato UART2 in Betaflight Configurator?

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