Inductrix LOS Motor Upgrade

Lumenier 17,000Kv Purple Motor Set

The stock ~10,000Kv motors are adequate for flying the Inductrix in stock trim. Only after adding a frame stiffener and a larger battery will you start to see degradation of power. You could easily still fly the Inductrix this way but you might eventually want renewed power with more thrust to loop and roll in a tighter space. If adding FPV components to the Inductrix, you will need to upgrade the stock motors. More on that later. The more weight you add to the Inductrix airframe, the more inefficient the stock motors become.

Inductrix Motor Upgrade for LOS Flying
Flying the Inductrix line of sight (LOS), as opposed to FPV, does not require as much power from the motors because the airframe is not carrying the additional weight of FPV gear. So a slight increase in motor performance will make a larger impact. Keep in mind when upgrading the motors on the Inductrix; the higher the performance, the higher the Current draw, resulting in less flight time.

Inductrix with Lumenier 17,000Kv Purple Can Motors
Inductrix with Lumenier 17,000Kv Purple Can Motors

I tested the Lumenier 17,000Kv purple can motors on the Inductrix flying LOS, and WOW, what a difference! It felt like twice the power and thrust over the stock Inductrix motors. Half throttle with the Lumenier motors produced nearly the same thrust as full throttle with the stock motors. Even with an additional gram of weight from the frame brace and heat-shrink tubing, the Inductrix was absolutely incredible with the Lumenier motors! The following are flight times with stock motors and Lumenier 17,000Kv purple can motors with three different 1S batteries:

Stock ~10,000Kv Motors Flown to 3.6V

  • Eflite 150mAh 45C: 4m 3s Avg (3:53, 4:01, 4:16)
  • Tattu 220mAh 45C: 6m 53s Avg (6:43, 6:54, 7:02)
  • Lumenier 205mAh 25C: 6m 55s Avg (6:51, 6:57, 6:57)

Lumenier 17,000Kv Purple Motors Flown to 3.6V

  • Eflite 150mAh 45C: 2m 10s Avg (1:57, 2:09, 2:24)
  • Tattu 220mAh 45C: 4m 39s Avg (4:30, 4:39, 4:49)
  • Lumenier 205mAh 25C: 4m 47s Avg (4:38, 4:47, 4:57)

Ironically the smaller lower C-rated Lumenier 205mAh 25C batteries outperformed the larger higher C-rated Tattu 220mAh 45C batteries with stock and Lumenier motors!

When upgrading the Inductrix with Lumenier 17,000Kv purple can motors, you’ll want to use at least a 200mAh battery otherwise flight times will be less than 4 minutes. The stock Inductrix with a frame stiffener and slightly larger battery will fly well with 12,000-19,000Kv motors with flight times ranging from 2-6 minutes.

Weight – Lumenier 17,000Kv Motor Vs Stock Inductrix Motor

  • Lumenier 17,000Kv Motor: 1.851g Avg (1.844, 1.853, 1.858g)
  • Stock Inductrix Motor: 1.861g Avg (1.860, 1.862, 1.862g)

Lumenier 17,000Kv Purple Can Motor Specs

  • Speed: 17,000Kv
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5-4.2V
  • Max Thrust: 17g
  • Current Draw: 1.5A at 3.7V (direct drive)
  • Motor Rotation: CW (black/purple wires), CCW (black/white wires)
  • Motor Diameter: 6mm
  • Motor Height: 15mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
  • Shaft Length: 5mm
  • Weight: 1.8g (claimed)
  • Wire Length: 70mm
  • Plug: Micro-JST-1.25
  • Operation Time: 5-6 hours

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Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
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