Mckune Inductrix Frame Stiffener

Mckune Design CF Brace for Inductrix

So your flying skills have advanced with the Inductrix and now you’re noticing how often the motor struts break on the airframe. As mentioned on our Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro Drone page, there are a few options to help keep this from happening. I wasn’t keen on spending $8 for a new original frame every hard hit or rebuilding the entire quad with another manufacturer’s frame so I chose the easier route of installing a simple frame brace or motor stiffener. There are a few designs currently available, including 3D-printing your own, and most will probably do an okay job but some will impede thrust/airflow more than others and some are heavier than others.

Mckune Carbon Fiber Inductrix Frame Stiffener
Although not the lightest, the Mckune CF Inductrix brace is well designed and made of sturdy 1mm carbon fiber. I haven’t broken a frame since installing the Mckune brace for the Inductrix flying LOS. It didn’t work well for flying FPV.

Mckune Carbon Fiber Brace on Inductrix

Inductrix Frame Brace Installation
The Mckune Carbon Fiber Frame Stiffener didn’t come with instructions but it wasn’t hard to figure out a way to mount it. I tried installing the brace over the motors just by itself but it eventually worked its way down. You can remove the translucent rubber o-rings before installing the brace and then put them back on up against the brace but the o-rings pop off. Another option would be to trim the airframe where it interferes with the brace going completely against the bottom. If you do this I would suggest not cutting all of the ‘battery stop’ off the airframe. It would be nice to see a revision on the Mckune brace where the center hole clears the battery holder entirely so it fits up against the airframe and the battery simply keeps the brace on. This how I installed the Mckune brace:

  1. Slide the stock translucent rubber o-rings up to the cutouts on the airframe motor holders (see photos).
  2. Install the Mckune carbon fiber brace, carefully aligning the motor wires with the notches in the brace, until it’s against the o-rings.
  3. Slide small strips of heatshrink tubing over the ends of the motors and shrink down with a heat gun. Be careful not to apply more heat than what’s necessary. You can push the heatshrink tubing against the brace as you’re heating it up to make it tight.

Mckune Design CF Frame Stiffener

Additional Battery Support
The photo above shows an additional battery strap or holder, which is just a piece of heatshrink (comes with Eflite 1S batteries) glued to the frame stiffener with Loctite Stik’n Seal. Goop Automotive in the pink tube also works well for things like this. Any super strong contact cement-type glue will work. This additional battery support helps with longer 205-220mAh batteries.

Mckune Design Carbon Fiber Frame Stiffener Specs

  • P/N: MDR10035
  • Material: 1.0mm Quasi-isotropic Carbon Fiber
  • Motor-to-motor C/L: 2.56″ or 65mm
  • Weight, claimed: 0.7-0.8g
  • Weight, measured: 0.897g
  • Weight of brace and 5pcs of heatshrink tubing (shown above): 1.142g

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or personal review on the Mckune Inductrix Frame Stiffener. Registration not required.

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