Inductrix FPV Conversion

Blade Inductrix Converted for FPV Flying

I converted a stock Blade Inductrix for FPV flying by installing an all-in-one (AIO) FPV camera and upgrading the motors and battery connector. I also used 2-bladed props for slightly better flight times.

Inductrix AIO FPV Camera
For this Inductrix FPV conversion I went with a Lumenier AIO-200 Super Mini 8.5GHz 40ch 200mW VTX with 600TVL Camera and Clover Leaf Antenna. This may be a little overkill drawing more power than a 25mW AIO camera but I will be comparing the two in an upcoming article. The Lumenier AIO-200 FPV camera has a great picture and works well in most lighting conditions. The right-hand circular polarized (RHCP) 4-leaf clover style antenna does a fantastic job transmitting the video signal but it’s not as forgiving as a dipole antenna in crashes.

Lumenier AIO-200 Mini FPV Camera + 200mW VTX

AIO FPV Camera Installation
Installing the Lumenier AIO FPV camera is pretty straight forward. There are AIO camera mounts for the Inductrix in both lexan and plastic, and you can even 3D-print your own, but I went the lighter route of installing it with double-sided foam tape and a rubber-band. This allows the camera and hard clover leaf antenna to move on impact.

AIO Camera Double-sided Tape and Solder Points

Powering the AIO FPV Camera
The Lumenier AIO-200 AIO camera requires just 3.2-5V for power so the main battery can supply enough voltage for it as well. The most reliable method of supplying power to the AIO FPV camera is to cut the connector off and carefully solder the wires to the top side of the Inductrix 3-in-1 flight controller, on the same solder-joints as the battery pigtail. Battery pigtail is on the bottom and FPV camera wires on top. Solder the camera red wire to the pad where the white battery pigtail is and black to black. Be careful not to leave a solder bridge between connections. Use a multimeter to check when in doubt.

Lumenier AIO FPV Camera (Rear) on Inductrix

Lumenier AIO-200 FPV Camera Operation
The Lumenier AIO-200 Super Mini FPV camera has a small button on top and a bright LED display on back. A short press of the button cycles through the 8 Channels, a 2-second press cycles through the 5 Frequency Bands, and a longer 5-second press cycles the video transmitter on or off. The included user manual explains operation and gives a Channel and Frequency Band chart.

Inductrix FPV with JST-RCY Connector

Inductrix FPV Motor Upgrade
Stock Inductrix motors do not have enough power to keep the quad airborne with the additional weight of an FPV camera so upgrading the motors is a must. I tried 17,000Kv motors with a frame brace (can be seen in above photo with double-sided tape) and although there was plenty of power with 205-220mAh batteries, flight times were 2-minutes or less even without the frame brace. So I purchased a set of Lumenier 14,000Kv motors and they were spot on! Plenty of power with very respectable flight times of 4-minutes and 49-seconds on average. The frame brace was left off and the airframe is still holding up fine without it.

Inductrix FPV Prop Options
See Inductrix FPV Prop Options for particulars on props for this Inductrix FPV conversion.

JST-RCY Connector Upgrade
With the added Current draw of the AIO FPV camera and 14,000Kv motors, Amp rating of the stock Molex 1.25mm battery connector is underrated and should be upgraded. I used aftermarket 1S LiPo batteries with JST-RCY (red) connectors so the factory Inductrix battery connector was replaced with a JST-RCY.

Parts Used are from

Weight, Measured

  • FPV Inductrix Flying Weight Minus Battery: 20.101g
  • Camera with Connector Removed: 4.575g
  • Lumenier 14,000Kv Motors: 1.857g Avg

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback on the Inductrix FPV Conversion. Registration not required.

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7 Comments about Inductrix FPV Conversion

  1. Thanks Robby. I could not achieve this kind of flight time without the lower Amp 14,000Kv motors and higher Current JST battery connectors.

  2. Why don’t more companies make 1S batteries with the red jst connector?
    – if your quad can handle the extra weight (about 9gm), they do – look for MqX batteries (I think it was later named 180qx). The batteries for these quads were 500mAh. Here is a blade part number you can use in your search – EFLB5001S25

  3. quick update – just search 205mah Jst – mylipo makes them with the JST connector and they weigh the same as the stock 205 battery.

  4. I think a 500mAh battery would be too heavy for an FPV-converted Inductrix. Great find on another 200-size 1S battery with JST-RCY connector! Thanks for your post!

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