Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro Drone

Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro Drone

I finally jumped aboard the micro quadcopter bandwagon and got a couple Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro quads, BLH8780 BNF models. They come with both red and blue canopies, one 150mAh 1S 25C LiPo battery and a 300mA USB charger. The canopies are nice when two people are flying and hold up well. The 150mA LiPo is really only good for 3.5-4 minutes of flying depending on throttle management, even though Blade and Horizon list 6-8 minutes. Finally, the USB charger works with a computer USB port, cell phone wall adapter or other 5V USB supply. If you’re going to do any serious flying you may want to invest in a more substantial battery charger, perhaps one with enough power to parallel charge multiple batteries (see below).

If you’re new to flying RC quadcopters, the non-Acro mode with Safe Technology is nice. In this mode the Inductrix is extremely stable with limited bank and pitch angles and is very easy to fly. As you progress you might find yourself wanting more authority. You could flip into Acro mode but it’s not conducive to flying indoors, like in a home. Acro mode on the Inductrix is a lot like flying a collective pitch heli with 3-axis gyro. So the next best thing is to leave it in Safe mode and increase travel in the transmitter. Our Spektrum DX8 and DX18 radios max out at 150% travel for roll, pitch and yaw. We just maxed-out all axes but you could increase just pitch and roll to 150% and 125% respectively. The Inductrix with increased travel is a different animal with renewed grin factor! 😀

As your skills increase with the Inductrix — racing around the house, doing flips and rolls, venturing into Acro mode, etc — you’ll start to notice its weak points in stock trim. Luckily there are lots of mods that can be done and many companies support the tiny quad craze with upgrade parts to help keep the grin factor going. Below is a link to upgrades and accessories.

Blade Inductrix Upgrades and Accessories
I’ve tested many upgrades and accessories designed for the Blade Inductrix as well as other micro quads. Some of the items include: carbon fiber frame braces, many different 2-4 bladed props, upgraded motors, 1S LiPo batteries, 1S voltage checkers, 1S battery chargers, add-on FPV gear, and much more.

Blade Inductrix Specs

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or personal review on the Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro Drone. Registration not required.

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