Inductrix FPV Conv, Light

Blade Inductrix Light FPV Conversion

My first FPV-converted Inductrix turned out well and got close to 5-minute flight times with 205mAh batteries. So I thought I would build another but lighter and using slightly larger capacity batteries to see if I could get even longer flight times. I started with another new Blade Inductrix and did the same 14,000Kv motor upgrade, 2-bladed modified props, lighter and lower power AIO FPV camera with 25mW VTX and lighter dipole antenna, and slightly larger capacity 220mAh 1S LiPo batteries.

FPV Camera and Mounting
Photos above and below show the AIO FPV camera that I used, which is a Lumenier Super Mini 25mW 5.8GHz 48-Channel FPV Video Transmitter with Dipole Antenna and 600TVL Camera. At the time it was the lightest AIO FPV camera that I could find. I installed it directly on the Inductrix 3-in-1 flight controller with 3M double-sided foam mounting tape and used a small piece of foam rubber to keep the camera at my desired angle. This mounting method may might not look very secure but the 3M foam mounting tape adheres incredibly well and has not moved since being installed. Cleaning both surfaces with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol is key to get the foam tape to stick well. I used different foam tape on my first Inductrix FPV conversion and had to add a rubberband to help keep it in place. Of course the heavier metal cloverleaf antenna adds does not help.

25mW AIO Camera with Dipole Antenna
25mW AIO Camera with Dipole Antenna Mounted to Inductrix 3-in-1

Here is the breakdown of each build:

First Inductrix FPV Conversion (first build)

  • New stock Blade Inductrix
  • Upgraded 14,000Kv Motors
  • 2-Bladed Props (modified stock)
  • 200mW AIO Camera with Cloverleaf Antenna
  • 205mAh 25C Batteries with JST-RCY Connectors
  • Weight w/o Battery: 20.1g; with Battery: 26.3g
  • Flight Time, Average: 4:49 Minutes

Second Inductrix FPV Conversion (this build)

  • New stock Blade Inductrix
  • Upgraded 14,000Kv Motors
  • 2-Bladed Props (modified stock)
  • 25mW AIO Camera with Dipole Antenna
  • 220mAh 50C Batteries with Molex 1.25 Connectors
  • Weight w/o Battery: 18.4g; with Battery: 24.8g
  • Flight Time, Average: 3:51 Minutes

Flight Time Restriction
To my surprise, the first Inductrix FPV Conversion produced longer flight times with a heavier and more powerful FPV camera and lower capacity batteries. You would think a lighter and lower power FPV camera and larger batteries would net longer flight times. Well, not in this case. You might have already guessed the culprit here is the stock Molex 1.25mm connector on the battery and battery pigtail, which are rated for just 1 Amp. Just one of the 14,000Kv motors can draw 1 Amp by itself, not including the other 3 motors, flight controller and FPV camera.

More Info on Connectors
Information about these connectors can be found online at JST Connector on Wikipedia. Here is a video that also goes into a little more detail:

Conclusion – Battery Connectors
So if you want longer flight times with your Inductrix FPV or Inductrix converted to FPV, the first thing you need to do is change out the restrictive Molex 1.25mm connectors to either 2.0mm pitch JST-PH 2A-rated connectors or even better, change out to 2.5mm pitch JST-RCY 3A-rated connectors.

There are other factors that will effect flight time with the Inductrix converted to FPV: VTX power, battery sag, low voltage cutoff (LVC), motor Amp draw, props, and weight.

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback on the “Inductrix FPV Conversion, Light” article. Registration not required.

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6 Comments about Inductrix FPV Conv, Light

  1. great info here. I find I need more protection on my camera as I crash the crap out of this thing while ripping around the house…I love to thread the needle between columns built into my living room wall (about 10 inch gap) and don’t always nail it 🙂 Any advice on how to add some super light wight protection to the otherwise bare camera?

  2. Hi Jeff, I’ve seen folks use tie-wraps on the FPV-converted Inductrix to help protect the camera. I’ve also thought about attaching a couple pieces of small diameter carbon-fiber rod to the braces on the frame between the front ducts and PC board, on either side of the camera lens, sticking straight up. Thanks for posting on TazRC and Happy New Year!

  3. I’ve seen the zip-tie guard before. Love your idea of the carbon fibre rods…might have to try that.


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