TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame

TacoRC Stretched-X CF Frame for the Babyhawk

After getting the Emax Babyhawk and flying it a while, props are what most folks like to upgrade first. Personally I have not yet found the need to upgrade the stock props. If you do not beat on them they hold up well, like most polycarbonate quad props. The stock all-plastic frame might be the second most likely upgrade and that is what this article is about. More specifically, the TacoRC Stretched-X Carbon-fiber Frame for the Emax Babyhawk.

TacoRC Stretched-X Babyhawk CF Frame Components:

  • Frame, Carbon-fiber
  • Top Plate, Carbon-fiber
  • Standoffs, Aluminum
  • Prop Guards, Plastic (Polycarbonate?)
  • Flight Controller Mount, 3D-printed TPU
  • Anti-vibration Motor Pads, 3D-printed TPU
  • Camera Mount, 3D-printed TPU
  • Screws (Standoffs, Motor/Prop Guards, Spares)

The TacoRC Stretched-X Carbon-fiber Frame for the Emax Babyhawk went together fairly easy. None of the original Babyhawk wiring needed to be touched. Simply remove all electronics from the Babyhawk as one unit and place on the TacoRC CF frame. Before heat-shrinking the ESCs to the arm, I tucked the ESC-to-motor wires under the ESC so they did not rub. I had the original double-sided foam mounting tape with protective backing still on the underside of the ESCs so I just peeled it off and stuck them down. Keep in mind the foam mounting tape also insulates the ESCs from the conductive carbon-fiber.

TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Side
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Side View

The flight controller on the Babyhawk is mounted to the plastic frame with double-sided foam mounting tape from the factory. With the TacoRC Carbon-fiber Babyhawk Frame, I used 4 dabs of Silicone adhesive, one on each corner of the FC to attach it to the 3D-printed TPU mount. Both the camera and FC mounts are slid over the standoffs, orientated as shown above. I also used Silicone to tack the top of the camera to the top plate at a certain angle. You may have noticed the FC mount is elevated to allow the battery strap to go underneath.

TacoRC 3D-printed TPU FC and Camera Mounts
TacoRC 3D-printed TPU Flight Controller and Camera Mounts
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Top
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Top View

I use a Lemon Rx dual-antenna diversity satellite receiver in my Babyhawk so I drilled 2 holes in the top plate between the factory center hole and standoff screws for tie-wraps. The factory center hole will work for single antenna receivers. I try to use colored heat-shrink tubing with antennas to avoid any issues with conductive carbon in black tubing.

TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Rear
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Rear View

You can see by the photo above that I did not use the included 3D-printed TPU anti-vibration motor pads. My Babyhawk did not exhibit any ill effects without them so I left them out. Something worth noting is the length of the included motor screws. If you need to use the anti-vibration motor pads, the included motor screws might be too short if also using the prop guards. So you may have to source longer motor screws.

TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Bottom
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, Bottom View
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, USD
TacoRC Stretched-X CF Babyhawk Frame, USD

I zip-tied the battery power lead to the frame with a protective sheath to keep it out of the props. I left the tie-wrap long and with a bend to help keep the battery in place. Just as I did with the original Babyhawk plastic frame, I glued a section of Neoprene foam rubber to the frame for a non-slip battery pad.

After completing the TacoRC Stretched-X CF Frame build, I put the Babyhawk back on Betaflight and recalibrated the Accelerometer. That’s it!

Weight, Babyhawk w/Prop Guards: Stock Vs TacoRC

  • Flying Weight Minus Battery: Stock 72g vs TacoRC 74g
  • Flying Weight w/TP 325mAh 2S: Stock 95g vs TacoRC 97g
  • Propeller Guards: Stock 8g vs TacoRC 6g

Weight, TacoRC Individual Components

  • Frame, Carbon-fiber: 7.932g
  • Top Plate, Carbon-fiber: 2.254g
  • Standoffs (4), Aluminum: 1.772g
  • Prop Guards (4), Plastic: 5.830g
  • FC Mount, 3D-printed TPU: 0.783g
  • Motor Pads (4), 3D-printed TPU: 0.218g
  • Camera Mount, 3D-printed TPU: 0.513g
  • Screws; Motor (16), Standoff (8), Spare (5): 4.163g

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