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New: Emax BabyHawk 85mm Micro Brushless FPV Quad
At a $100 average retail price, the 85mm Emax Babyhawk is the first affordable micro brushless FPV quadcopter. It comes as plug-and-play, which requires a flight battery and, thanks to its F3 Femto Flight Controller, a receiver from a variety of protocols.

  • New: TacoRC Stretched-X CF Frame for the Babyhawk
    TacoRC 3DPowerX V2 100mm 52° Stretch-X 2mm 3K carbon-fiber racing frame for the Emax Babyhawk FPV quadcopter. Includes everything needed to transfer over all of the Emax Babyhawk components, even includes new prop guards.

New: HolyBro Shuriken 180 Pro FPV Racer
Almost ready to fly FPV quadcopter available in DSMX, FrSky, FlySky and Futaba protocols. Requires no building whatsoever to get you in the air fast. The only additional items needed are a battery and of course a charger, transmitter and FPV goggles.

Inductrix Converted for FPV, Light Version
Stock Blade Inductrix converted for FPV flying using a lightweight 25mW AIO FPV camera with dipole antenna, upgraded 14,000Kv motors, 2-bladed props, and 220mAh 1S 50C LiPo batteries. Includes explanation of items that impact flight time, including the primary reason: stock battery connectors.

  • Sections: FPV Camera and Mounting, Flight Time Restriction, More Info on Connectors, Conclusion – Battery Connectors, Parts Used, Specs.

Inductrix FPV Conversion
I converted a stock Blade Inductrix for FPV flying by installing an all-in-one (AIO) FPV camera and upgrading the motors and battery connector. I also used 2-bladed props for slightly better flight times.

  • Sections: AIO FPV Camera and Installation, Motor Upgrade, Prop Options, JST-RCY Connector Upgrade, Parts Used, Specs.

Inductrix Upgraded for LOS, Light Version
If you’re into flying the Blade Inductrix line of sight (LOS) and like doing “trix” like flips and rolls, then this build is for you! This build yields high performance with incredible flight times of over 5 minutes of extremely hard and fast flying!

  • Sections: Motor Upgrade, Frame Brace, Flight Batteries, Parts Used, Specs.

dTrix Acro Basher
The “dTrix Acro Basher” is a Blade Inductrix micro quad with a custom one-off canopy, upgraded aftermarket 17,000Kv brushless motors and a heavy-duty frame/motor stiffener built specifically for LOS Acro flying with less worry of breaking things.

  • Sections: Custom One-off Canopy, Motor Upgrade, Frame Brace, Parts Used, Specs.

Inductrix Upgrades & Accessories
I tested many upgrades and accessories designed for the Blade Inductrix and other micro quads. Below is just a partial list.

  • Sections: CF Frame Braces, 2, 3 and 4 Blade Props, Upgraded Motors, 1S LiPo Batteries and Comparisons, 1S Battery Voltage Checker, 1S Battery Chargers, Add-on FPV Fear, and more.

Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro Drone
We finally jumped aboard the micro quadcopter bandwagon and got a couple Blade Inductrix Ultra Micro quads. We went with the BLH8780 BNF models. They come with both red and blue canopies, one 150mAh 1S 25C LiPo battery and a 300mA USB charger.

  • Sections: Transmitter Setup for the Blade Inductrix, Blade Inductrix Upgrades and Accessories, Blade Inductrix Specs.

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