RX Install on Multiplex ParkMaster Pro

Lemon Rx Mounted

I installed the Lemon Rx LM0034 DSMX-Compatible 6ch Diversity Receiver on my Multiplex ParkMaster Pro with the antennas in plastic tubing in the foam, both above and below the receiver. The tubing is from a can of automative spray brake cleaner or similar. The inside diameter of the tubing is slightly larger than the antennas and works perfectly.

Antenna Layout
Antenna Layout

To install the tubing in the foam, I used a piece of steel servo control rod and sheath with an overall outside diameter slightly smaller than the clear plastic tubing. Using a rotary tool and thin cutoff disk, I cut a slit in the end of the control rod to create a cutting surface. With the control rod in its sheath, I rotated the rod by hand while pushing up from the bottom of the fuselage until I got to the length of the antenna on top of the cavity. I marked the control rod prior. The tubing is press-fit, no glue needed.

Antenna Tube Installed
Antenna Tube Installed in Fuselage Receiver Cavity

Antenna Tube Cut

Once installed, I cut the clear plastic tubing at the top of the cavity and then pulled it down, leaving a length in the bottom section of the fuseage. Then I trimmed the tubing at the bottom of the fuselage and pulled it inside the foam a few millimeters so the antenna on the bottom can be taped down at 90-degrees without having too tight of a turn.

Antenna in Upper Tube
Receiver Antenna Trial Fit in Upper Tube of Fuselage

Both Antennas in Tubes

In the photo above you will notice that I installed clear Polyolefin heatshrink tubing on the Lemon Rx receiver. This helps keep the antennas connected to the receiver and gives a nice flat surface for attaching 3M double-sided foam tape.

Receiver Antenna on Bottom of Fuselage
Receiver Antenna on Bottom of Fuselage Prior to Taping
Lower Antenna Taped to Fuselage
Lower Antenna Taped to Fuselage, Installation Complete
Lemon Rx Mounted
Lemon Rx Receiver Installed in Receiver Cavity of ParkMaster Pro

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