Eflite Slick 3D 480

Eflite Slick 3D 480

Current Power Setup

  • Motor: OS Max .10 1050Kv, 30A/50A max, 102g, OMA-3810-1050
  • ESC: Castle Phoenix Edge Lite 50, 56g
  • Prop: APC 11×5.5E
  • Spinner: Great Planes yellow nylon with aluminum backplate
  • Batteries: Turnigy 4S 1800mAh 30C, 183g
  • Amps, Static: 36A w/APC 10×5 prop, 38.6A w/11×6 wood prop

Previous Power Setup – OS 10 and 3S

  • Motor: OS Max .10 1050Kv, 30A/50A max, 102g, OMA-3810-1050
  • ESC: Castle Phoenix Edge Lite 50, 56g
  • Props: Falcon 12×6 wood, APC 12x6e, Graupner 12×6 e-prop
  • Batteries, 45C: Admiral Pro 3S 2200mAh 45C, 186g
  • Batteries, 65C: Nanotech A-Spec G2 3S 2200mAh 65-130C
  • Amps, Static: 36A w/3S 45C battery and above props
  • Amps, Static: 37.5A w/3S 65C battery and above props

Previous Power Setup – Park 480 and 3S

  • Motor: Eflite Park 480 1020Kv, 22A/28A max, 87g
  • ESC: Hiefi 45A (junk!)
  • Props: APC 12.5×6 Wide Sport, APC 12x6E, 12×7 wood, Falcon 12×6 wood
  • Batteries, 45C: Admiral Pro 3S 2200mAh 45C, 186g
  • Batteries, 65C: Nanotech A-Spec G2 3S 2200mAh 65-130C
  • Amps, Static: 29A w/3S 45C battery and Falcon 12×6 wood prop

Current Radio Gear and Setup

  • Transmitter: Spektrum DX18 G1, 11ms Frame Rate
  • Receiver: Spektrum AR636 with AS3X*
  • Servos, Ailerons (2): Spektrum A3030
  • Servo, Elevator: Spektrum A3040
  • Servo, Rudder: Spektrum A3040

*I will be replacing the Spektrum AR636 AS3X receiver with a Lemon Rx DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Stabilizer With Diversity Antenna, P/N: LM0033.

Flight Modes

  • FM1: No AS3X
  • FM2: AS3X – Roll 15%, Pitch 20%, Yaw 40% (All Heading 0%)
  • FM3: AS3X w/Heading Hold – Roll & Heading 40%, Pitch & Heading 40%, Yaw & Heading 50%

Default Rx config file: EFL_Slick_3D_480_ARF.srd

Previous Radio Gear

  • Receiver: Spektrum AR610
  • Servos, Ailerons (2): Hitec 65HB
  • Servo, Elevator: Hitec 65MG
  • Servo, Rudder: Hitec 65MG

Current Specs

  • Wingspan: 42.1″ or 1070mm
  • AUW: 2.31lbs or 36.9oz or 1047g
  • CG: 78mm aft of wing leading edge
  • Flight Time: 6 minutes on 4S, 7 minutes on 3S

Manuals, Specs and Instructions

Power Setup Whoas
Originally I built my Eflite Slick 3D with the recommended Eflite Park 480 motor and 3S 2200mAh batteries. It flew okay as a sport plane but definitely not much of a 3D plane. I experimented with many different props as well as higher C batteries but could not get the Slick 3D setup to my liking. With the Park 480 it would fall out of a hover easily and had no punch-out. It was severely lacking in the thrust department. After much trial and error it was time to go with a larger motor. The next reasonably priced option was upgrading to a light 10 size motor. With decent advertised specs, a discount coupon code and free shipping, I picked up a $50 OS Max .10 from Tower Hobbies.

Slick 3D with OS 10 Motor
The Park 480 was mounted to the firewall with aluminum standoffs and that’s how I mounted the OS 10 motor. However, after having some difficulties obtaining good CG, I decided to remount the OS 10 directly to the firewall to move weight back. The Eflite Slick 3D has limited aft battery placement because the wing spar tube is directly over the battery tray and in the way. Next was determining a good prop to use with the OS 10 motor.

Motor wires and glue joints
Motor wires and glue joints

Prop Testing
After testing many different props with the Park 480, I had plenty to try with the OS 10 motor. The following is a list of props that I tried and what I found, in the order of top end (1) to thrust (4):

  1. Graupner 12×6 e-prop
  2. Falcon 12×6 electric wood
  3. APC 12x6e
  4. Master Airscrew 12×6 electric
  5. APC 12×4.7 Slow Fly

The Graupner 12×6 e-prop seemed to have low thrust up to a certain RPM and then would start performing so it was more like a top-end-only prop with the OS 10 motor. The Falcon and APC 12×6 props had a little more thrust but still seemed to be lacking really good punch-out. The Master Airscrew 12×6 electric was a good mix of thrust and top-end but was the heaviest of all of them and really noisy. I would never run a thin flexible 12″ Slow Fly prop on a balsa plane of this weight but I wanted to see what it would do just for the hell of it. It did have lots of thrust and not much top end but you could really tell the prop was flexing a lot when pushed. All of the props were around 36 amps with 45C batteries and 37.5 amps with 65C, and the Master Airscrew prop was an amp or 2 higher than all of them.

Switch from 3S to 4S Battery
After still not achieving an ear-to-ear grin with props and 3S 65C batteries with the OS 10 motor, I decided to try 4S. Unfortunately the OS Motor Specs don’t say anything about 4S or give 4S ratings so it was a crapshoot. For me the problem with 4S was finding something light, because of the heavier motor and flying 3D. A short tall 4S battery, similar to the Zippy Compact configuration, would have helped with CG but at the time I could not find anything with 30C or higher. So I went with the blue Turnigy 4S 1800mAh 30C batteries, which are 10g lighter than the Nanotech G2 3S 2200mAh 65C that I was using.

The OS Max .10 motor with a 4S battery makes the Eflite Slick feel closer to a 3D plane but you can definitely feel the extra weight after flying with the Park 480. The OS 10 has considerably more thrust and requires less throttle. One drawback that I have experienced so far is the 1050Kv of the OS 10 on 4S has a ton of torque so whacking the throttle from a hover creates a slight torque roll. Is it the perfect motor for the Eflite Slick 3D, probably not. What might be even better is a lower Kv motor with a weight of around 80g that runs on 4S with an 11×5.5 prop.

Fuselage Air Exit Holes
In stock trim the Eflite Slick 3D 480 has no air exit holes. My power setup runs warm so I cut air exit holes in the bottom of fuselage.

(Will post photo soon)

Great Planes Aluminum Backplate Spinner
Most APC composite and Falcon wood props fit the Great Planes 2″ or 51mm colored nylon spinner with aluminum backplate without trimming the spinner nose cone. The photo below shows a Falcon 12x6e wood prop in a Great Planes 2″ spinner.

Falcon 12x6e wood prop in GPMQ4761 Great Planes 2in spinner
Falcon 12x6e wood prop in GPMQ4761 Great Planes 2in spinner

Carbon-Fiber Landing Gear Upgrade
In an attempt to further reduce weight forward of CG and reduce the chance of prop strikes, I swapped out the stock, very flexible, aluminum landing gear with carbon-fiber. I found inexpensive ($13 delivered) carbon-fiber landing gear at HobbyKing for an Extra 260 30E. The dimensions are near perfect but because the carbon-fiber gear is slightly thicker than the aluminum, the section of fuselage that bolts over the gear sticks out slightly. However it could easily be modded if someone wanted to make it look perfect.

(Will post photo soon)

Larger Wheels and Wheel Pants Nix
Most of my flying is at grass parks with bumpy ground so on smaller planes I need to install larger diameter wheels and nix wheel pants. Dubro 2.5″ Micro Sport Wheels fit the bill nicely. Nixing the fiberglass wheel pants further reduced weight.

Dubro 2.5in Micro Sport Wheels on gear. Stock wheels and pants.
Dubro 2.5in Micro Sport Wheels on gear. Stock wheels and pants.

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or personal review on the Eflite Slick 3D 480. Registration not required.

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  1. Thanks a bunch for the great write up! Could you give me your flight mode settings? Bill [Removed email address]

  2. Hi Bill. I updated the specs above with my starting FM settings. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to connect to my Spektrum AS3X receivers with the app on any of my devices in several months so I’ve replaced them with Lemon Rx stabilizer receivers. Lemon Rx stab receivers have potentiometers to adjust gyro gain along with the ability to have an overall gain adjustment on your transmitter. When I was using the AS3X receiver, I started with the default file settings. There’s a video in my How-to section that may be of some help: AS3X Setup Step 14: Gain Adjustment. Good luck and happy flying!

  3. Hi Zack, if you’re referring to the E-flite B15 BL 880Kv motor, I really wouldn’t recommend it. I think it would be too heavy and a little too low on Kv. If you plan on running 3S, I would look for a motor closer to 80-90g in weight and 1000-1100Kv. Hope that helps!

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