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ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger

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I have flown my share of 1S ultra micro aircraft but after getting into micro quadcopters and wanting to charge 1S batteries back-to-back to support the addiction, I found myself looking for a small portable charger. Something lightweight, with usable features, that can be powered from a 3S or 4S LiPo battery. My main charger is an iCharger 308Duo that’s powered by two computer server power supplies and is not very portable. The little fixed-current USB chargers that come with micro quads just don’t cut it. The problem I found with most small portable chargers, like the Eflite Ultra Micro-4, Eflite Celectra 4-Port and Hitec X4 Micro 1S LiPo Charger, is the lack of discharging and more importantly storing 1S batteries. Even 1S LiPos aren’t cheap these days so they can’t be used like a disposable Alkaline battery.

After perusing ProgressiveRC’s website, I came across the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger that looked ideal for this task. Even though it’s rated at 300W up to 14 Amps, it physically measures just 80mm or a little over 3″ square and 40mm or slightly over 1.5″ in height. It has a relatively large multicolor display with adjustable brightness and is easy to see even in direct sunlight. The ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger easily met my criteria of being compact, portable, LiPo battery powered, and has features found on larger more expensive chargers, including the capability to charge LiHV (4.35V) cells.

ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger Specs

  • Charge Power: 300W max
  • Charge Current: 0.1-14.0A
  • Discharge Power: 8W max
  • Discharge Current: 0.1-3.0A
  • Balancing Current Drain: 1A
  • Input Voltage: 7-32V DC
  • LiPo/LiIo/LiFe Cell Count: 1-6
  • NiCd/NiMh Cell Count: 1-16
  • Pb Battery Cell Count: 1-12 (2-24V)
  • PC Connectivity: Yes, scLinker port
  • Dimensions: 80x80x33.5mm (measured: 80x80x40mm)
  • Weight: 119g (measured: 125.5g)
  • Warranty: 1 year (stated by ProgressiveRC)

After receiving the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger and powering it up, I learned its firmware version ( was far behind the most current. Unfortunately the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger does not come with the scLinker and cable to update its firmware. At the time I received the Q6 Plus, I couldn’t find the scLinker readily available so I proceeded to use the charger as-is. This was a mistake and cost us two brand new high-end 1S batteries! When Storage-Charging 1S batteries at any Current, the Q6 Plus would sometimes go from the set Current (i.e. 300mA) to maximum 14 Amps without warning. You can imagine what a 1S LiPo does while being charged at 14 Amps! After conveying the issue to ProgressiveRC, they sent a scLinker so I could update the firmware on my Q6 Plus. After updating to the latest version, currently, I’m happy to report that my ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger is now functioning normally! If you plan on purchasing this charger, I highly recommend getting the scLinker to make sure the firmware is up to date.

Firmware Updater Screenshot

How to Update Firmware on the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger

1. Download the latest firmware file from ISDT.
2. Unzip the firmware file on your computer.
3. Run Smart Charger Updater (scu.exe) and select Install Driver.
4. Connect the scLinker and cable from charger to computer.
5. Power up the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger with a LiPo battery.
6. Select Update Now. Charger will reboot when done. That’s it!

ISDT Q6 Plus Output Balance Adapter
ISDT Q6 Plus Output Balance Adapter

Another issue encountered with the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger was voltage stability and readout accuracy of 1S LiPo batteries. It’s unwritten and untold that the Q6 Plus Charger needs to have a balance adapter between the main output and balance port to accurately measure and display 1S voltages. Unfortunately no adapter was included nor instructions on how to create one. Having had many chargers in the past, I took a guess and built an adapter as shown in the above and below photos. The adapter is simply a 2S battery balance connector with the cell sense wire removed from the 2nd position and the positive wire moved from the 3rd to 2nd position.

ISDT Q6 Plus with Output Balance Adapter Installed
ISDT Q6 Plus with Output Balance Adapter Installed

Charging Cycle

The ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger has a unique charging cyle that allows use of the battery before end of charging cycle. The Q6 Plus beeps and the screen turns from orange to green when cells are within 20mV allowing you to use the battery. If you don’t stop the charge, it will continue until the cells are within 10mV, at which time the charger beeps again and the screen turns from green to blue. If you don’t stop the charge still, it supplies voltage to keep the cells balanced.

Final Thought

After updating the firmware and learning of the 1S balance adapter requirement, the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger has proven to be an outstanding little charger. It’s perfect for charging small LiPo batteries — like those used in ultra micro aircraft and micro quads — and can operate a long time on a 3S or higher LiPo battery. If I could convey a couple wishlist items to Shenzhen, it would be to incorporate regenerative discharging and include the scLinker and cable with the charger.

ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger ** Pros **

  • Outstanding price point.
  • Intuitive operating system.
  • Features of chargers twice the cost.
  • Small, compact, portable, lightweight.
  • Very powerful for its size and weight.
  • Easily parallel-charges small batteries.
  • Bright, multicolor, adjustable brightness display.
  • Displays internal resistance (IR) for batteries being charged
  • Beeps after fast charge to allow battery use or continues charging to top off battery.

ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger ** Cons **

  • Does not include or mention anything about a 1S balance adapter.
  • Does not include means of updating firmware as standard equipment.
  • Shuttle key or roller button could have a more positive engagement.

ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger PDF Manual & Links

Buy the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger at ProgressiveRC

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or personal review on the ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger. Registration not required.

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16 Comments about ISDT Q6 Plus Charger

  1. Big “con” not mentioned; there is no manufacturer’s warranty. Loved mine until it died at 3 months after purchase. Check youtube for common failures after 2-3 months use.

  2. Unfortunately most of the time with anything RC there are no warranties. However, I do know many retailers will work with you and try to make it right. Where did you purchase your ISDT Q6 Plus charger?

  3. It wasn’t from TazRC. The retailer (Rotor Quest) said no warranty from him, the best he could do would be to send it back to the manufacturer with the next shipment (with 3 months) but no guarantee that they would respond, let alone do anything, and if there was a response, it could be up to a year to get it.

  4. Thanks for the update, Bernie. So perhaps if the retailer isn’t listed on ISDT’s Worldwide Distributor list, they may have a different warranty process..? I’m not entirely sure on this. Either way it’s very unfortunate.

  5. Is there any way to buy such 1S balance adapter? I’m trying to charge a 12V car battery and the charger refuses to charge. I’m guessing this “no balancing” connected trouble might be the issue here.

  6. Hi fycliste. The instructions state that Balance Charge is “Not supported” for Pb battery type so I would guess that a balance adapter is not needed. I would make sure the charger is setup correctly and that your input power supply is adequate. Thanks for your comment and good luck.

  7. Hi Taz, Total noob and have a Q6 Plus on the way. Initial use will be 1S batteries and I have also ordered some parts to make the balance adapter. Your first pic above looks like you are parallel charging. Is that preferred and can you discharge to storage voltage? Do you have an opinion about serial charging? Any special tricks, gotchas for either parallel or serial charging?

  8. Hi Wally, thanks for your comment. Yes, the first pic shows my 1S parallel charging board. I discharge and store all LiPos individually. I don’t charge in serial configuration. With parallel charging on any of my chargers, I just make sure all cells are within a few tenths of a volt (0.1-0.3V). Good luck with your Q6+!

  9. Great! this is the first time I read about the need of a balancer for 1s batteries on this charger. I have the Q6+ and when I attach a battery I can see the voltage reading is wrong (batteries which I know to be about 3.7V are read as 4.1/4.2, batteries at about 4.1 are read as 4.6/4.7). Nonethless when I start the charging process the reading is valid and it seems to be giving the correct voltage during the charging process. Basically the reading is different when the charger is in standby and when it is charging the battery.
    It is very strange, maybe due to this issue of the balance adapter needed. I don’t even have the cable to update the firmware but I’ll get it.
    Anyway, thanks for this usefull advice

  10. I was looking at the description and photo on the adapter you did… since I’m a newbie, can you confirm it will be the same if I use 1s male connector to connect to the balance port (at the place of the modified 2s connector) e 1s female connector (at the place of the jst) to connect my battery?

  11. Hi Vinz, glad my info was of some help. Standard 1S LiPo batteries use Molex 1.25mm pitch (pin spacing) connectors and the connector on the side of this charger is a JST-XH 2.50mm pitch so I doubt you’ll get that to work properly. If you don’t have a balance connector from a 2S battery, you can try your local hobby shop, Amazon or Digi-Key Electronics. I definitely recommend getting the scLinker and making sure your software is up to date. Hope that was helpful. Happy flying!

  12. Great, I did a cable like yours, and now it reads the voltage of 1s batteries correctly… Thanks again, very helpful!

  13. Hi, I’m new to RC, what is the connector type for the balance port on the charger? I don’t know how to connect my battery, a 3 cell 2200, to the charger. I can’t seem to find any information about buying an extension or adapter. Confused.

  14. Hi Ron, the balance port connector is a JST-XH. If charging a 3S LiPo, you simply plug the battery main connector into the yellow socket and battery balance connector into the wider white socket. If your LiPo doesn’t have XT60 type main connectors, you’ll need to make (or purchase) an adapter. Hope that helps!

  15. If you don’t have a proper jst-xh connector, the pitch for the balancer pins is 2.54mm. So any normal female servo connector is fine for 1S. Just cut off the signal lead. Solder this to your charging cable on either end (you need a charging cable for the balancing lead, even if it’s xt60 on both sides). Center pin/red to positive battery lead, black/brown lead to negative side.

    Most electronics hobby stores also sell connectors that fit the 2.54mm pitch if you don’t have spares.

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