CustomFPX Prescription FPV Goggle Lenses

CustomFPX Prescription Lenses in Fat Shark Attitude V3 Goggles

Being nearsighted most of my life, I never had trouble seeing up close until I hit 50. Now I require correction for both near and far vision. When I first got my FPV goggles, I didn’t think I needed diopters because I was nearsighted. However, the displays did seem a little blurry. Instead of getting standard FPV goggle diopters, I wanted to try a set of prescription lens inserts because they would be tailored to my particular vision. So I ordered a set of CustomFPX Prescription Lenses.

CustomFPX Prescription Lenses
CustomFPX Prescription Lenses, Case, Prescription Card and Microfiber Cloth

CustomFPX Prescription Lenses – Standard Features

  • Anti-reflective – Reduces incoming light intensity for a more relaxed iris
  • Anti-static – Repels dust and small particles
  • Hydrophobic – Water slides off lens surface more easily
  • Scratch resistant – Helps keep lenses lasting longer

I had not been to the eye doctor in 6 months so I went and got a new prescription to send to CustomFPX. After submitting my prescription, it took just 2 weeks with express shipping to receive the custom lenses. They came well protected in a nice reusable pouch and the quality of the lenses looked outstanding. However, the fit of the lenses in my Fat Shark Attitude V3 goggles was extremely tight. I tried the lenses in Spektrum Focal V2 goggles and that was just as tight. I can understand not wanting the lenses to fall out but this was extremely tight. Once installed, looking through the lenses was like night and day! I never knew how poor my eyesight was in the goggles until I installed the CustomFPX lenses! In fact, I found 4 or 5 hot or stuck pixels on the right display that I thought was just a smudge or smear on the goggle optics since new.

I live in Arizona where we have an extremely dusty environment both indoors and out and frequent eyewear cleaning is common. Instructions that came with the CustomFPX lenses said to wiggle the lenses side to side or up and down to work them out but my lenses offered no play or wiggle whatsoever. I chose to modify the lenses to facilitate easier removal for frequent cleaning.

CustomFPX Prescription Lenses to be modified for easier removal
CustomFPX Prescription Lenses to be modified for easier removal

Lens Modification for Easier Removal

My PD is 63mm which is on the wider side of goggle optics, so there was plenty of room on the inside edges to modify the lenses for easier removal. I considered drilling a single hole next to the edge of each lens to use a small screwdriver or allen key for removal. However, I decided to cut slots on the top and bottom and use small needle nose pliers. The lens material cuts easily, similar to Lexan or polycarbonate. This works well while reducing the chance of scratching or chipping.

Rotary tool with cut-off/grinding wheel
Rotary tool with cut-off/grinding wheel

Update: Additional Slight Lens Mod
I had to round off the inside corners on the edges shown without tape in photos above. When the goggles sat on my forehead when not in use, the inside corners of the lenses dug into my skin making it uncomfortable. This may not be an issue with goggles that use thicker foam padding on the faceplate.

CustomFPX Prescription Lenses – Particulars as May 2017

  • Cost of Lenses: $45 USD (PayPal) flat rate per pair, regardless of prescription.
  • Manufacturing Time for Lenses: 5-8 days.*
  • Cost of Shipping: Depends on shipping method.*
  • Lens Material: Mitsui Chemicals MR-8

*The CustomFPX Online Order Form provides an estimate on total processing time.

How to Order CustomFPX Prescription Lenses
You will need a recent optical prescription from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist. If the prescription does not include your Pupillary Distance (PD) or your eye doctor doesn’t use a PD Meter, you can go to most any larger eyeglass store and they can measure it with a meter. When I tried to measure my own PD with a steel rule in the mirror, I got 73mm. My eye doctor measured it with a plastic rule and got 61mm. When I went to the optical department at Costco, they used a PD Meter and got 63mm (32 and 31mm). CustomFPX has a Prescription Guide on its website. Once you have a current prescription and PD, it’s just a matter of filling out the secure form on the CustomFPX website:

Close-ups, Feedback and Reviews
To be more mobile friendly, photos on TazRC are limited in size. I would be happy to post any close-up photos on request. Just leave a comment below. Also, feel free to leave your feedback or review on the CustomFPX Prescription Lenses. Registration not required.

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  1. I ordered lenses 2 weeks ago…6/29/18…have not heard anything from CustomFPX. Do you know if he is still in business? Not feeling real confident since I’ve not heard anything. At least with PayPal, I’ll be able to get a refund if the order doesn’t come through.

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