3-in-1 LiPo Discharger

3-N-1 LiPo Battery 150W Discharger

When I go to the field to fly, I almost always charge more batteries than I use. It’s not fun being at the field in good weather with ample time to fly and having depleted batteries! So discharging and storing batteries is a standard routine for me. After a short time of using my chargers for discharging, I learned that most chargers lack high current discharge.

At the time I was in between chargers. I had given my longtime trusty Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo 400W AC/DC Charger to my stepson. I purchased a new Hitec X4-Eighty with their ePowerBox 30-amp Power Supply but was having nothing but problems with the charger so I returned it. I ended up going with the iCharger 308Duo, which I still use today.

150W 3-in-1 RC Lipo Battery LCD Voltage Meter Tester Balancer Discharger
While building my own high-power discharger, in the interim I decided to try one of the China 3-in-1 halogen bulb type 150W dischargers. I ordered the GoGoRC (AOK) from eBay for $20 shipped to my door from Hong Kong. I didn’t expect much from it but it has been working great since I received it. In fact, my homebuilt high power discharger rarely gets used now.

The halogen bulb type dischargers work good to discharge LiPos up to 6S. Obviously larger batteries take longer to discharge but I only use it for 3 and 4S batteries.

The unit comes with three 50W halogen light bulbs; a wire harness with the three bulb sockets, a small interface PC board with a deans type battery connector, and a molex style connector to connect to the unit. The bulbs get hot so they need to be mounted to where nothing gets burnt. I was lucky to find a cheap battery operated LED book light that has metal bars holding the head. Spacing of the bars just happened to be perfect to attach the halogen bulbs with a couple tie-wraps in the existing holes of the bulb sockets. The discharger is attached to the base with double-sided tape. Still easily portable and now with an LED light.

3-in-1 LiPo Battery 150W Discharger mounted to portable LED book light
3-in-1 LiPo Battery 150W Discharger mounted to portable LED book light

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  1. Hi! I might need to pick one of these up! Can you tell it to cut off at a certain, per-cell, voltage?

  2. Absolutely! I have mine set to 3.85V so after it’s done discharging, the battery is stored. Well worth the money. Thanks for your comment.

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