RC Accessories

Thunder Power 4-Port 1S Battery ChargerISDT Q6 Plus Smart ChargerFoxeer Box 4K Action CameraFatShark Goggle Brightness Knob ModThunder Power Adrenaline FPV Goggle LiPo BatteryCustomFPX Prescription Lenses for FPV GogglesLemon Rx AIO 25mW FPV Camera

New: Lemon Rx AIO 25mW FPV Camera
All new Lemon Rx AIO 25mW 5.8GHz VTX and CMOS camera with 65-degree FOV lens in a polycarbonate enclosure with internal rear-facing segment style LED display, available with or without a built-in amplified microphone.

New: Foxeer Box 4K Action Camera
From the folks that manufacturer popular FPV gear, Foxeer recently released this small square action camera with advanced features like true Ultra HD 4K video recording, Electronic Image Stabilization, and simultaneous WiFi streaming to a mobile device, just to name a few. And all this for about half the price of a GoPro Hero5 Session.

New: Thunder Power Adrenaline Fat Shark Goggle LiPo Battery
As you may already know, the original Fat Shark goggle battery has a built-in cell balancing circuit and can’t be charged at more than 1C. Thunder Power has a 2000mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo battery specifically for Fat Shark goggles. It has the same power plug, a working balance tap, and an XT60 connector for charging up to 4C.

New: CustomFPX Prescription Lenses for FPV Goggles
Instead of getting standard diopters for my Fat Shark Attitude V3 FPV goggles, I wanted to try a set of prescription lens inserts because they would be more tailored for my particular vision. So I ordered a set from CustomFPX.

Thunder Power 4-Port 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery Charger
Probably most known for high-end RC batteries, Thunder Power also offers the TP103CQ 4-Port 1S 3.7V AC/DC LiPo Battery Charger for the world of ultra-micros.

ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger
After getting into micro quadcopters and wanting to charge 1S batteries back-to-back to support the addiction, I found myself looking for a small portable charger. Something lightweight, with usable features, that can be powered from a 3S or 4S LiPo battery.

Fat Shark Display Knob Mod
If you fly FPV indoors in different lighting conditions as well as outdoors at different times of the day with Fat Shark Attitude V3, Attitude V2 with faceplate, Spektrum Focal V1 or V2 goggles, you know how often you have to fiddle with the brightness knob.

RMRC 1S Voltage Checker
The RMRC 1S Voltage Checker is a very small stand-alone LiPo battery voltmeter that accurately measures down to 2.79V. Voltage is displayed on a relatively large and bright 3-digit blue LED display. The RMRC Volt Checker incorporates Molex 1.25mm and 2.0mm pitch JST-PH connectors.

iCharger 308Duo 2-port Battery Charger
My current main charger is an iCharger 308Duo. It uses a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter with charging power of 800W, 30A per port or 1300W, 50A with ports combined. Two HP server power supplies in series supply 24VDC and 1400W for the 308Duo. This is an outstanding setup for parallel charging!

Halogen Bulb Type LiPo Battery Discharger
An inexpensive solution to remove the burden of discharging from your charger. While building a high power LiPo battery discharger, in the interim I decided to try one of the China 3-in-1 halogen bulb type dischargers. I ordered the GoGoRC (AOK) from eBay for around $20 shipped to my door from overseas. I didn’t expect much but it has been working great. In fact, my homebuilt high power LiPo discharger rarely gets used now.

Inexpensive Hook-n-Loop LiPo Battery Straps
JT&T Products Strip-Tie Hook & Loop Velcro Cable Fasteners used as inexpensive hook and loop LiPo battery straps.

Other Accessories Coming Soon

  • HP DPS1200 Power Supplies
  • Junsi CellLog 8M battery monitor
  • Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo Charger
  • Hitec X4-Eighty Charger
  • Hitec ePowerBox 30A Power Supply
  • Venom Pro (green) Charger
  • ProgressiveRC Parallel Charging Boards
  • ProgressiveRC Parallel Charging Cables
  • LiPo Batteries and ESC Connectors

More to come… Bookmark and stay tuned!