Spektrum Receiver with Remote Installation

In this video, John Redman, formerly of Horizon Hobby Air Division, explains how to install a Spektrum receiver with remote receivers or satellite receivers. This video covers antenna orientation with multiple remote receivers.

“How do you place your remote receivers in your model when using Spektrum™ or JR® DSM® technology? We walk you through the tricks of the trade to show you a good place to start for better placement in your model. We show installations in both an all composite 94″ span P-47 and a large balsa and plywood DV8R turbine jet. These two installations cover the two main material bases used in model construction. We discuss basic receivers with one remote as well as the extreme PowerSafe receivers. In the end, we fly the models to some extreme distances close to the ground and at very high altitudes to show the quality in performance of the DSM link between the pilot and the model. After the flight, we examine and explain the use of the data logger for those interested in optimizing their setup.” -John Redman

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