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Blade Torrent Betaflight ProgrammingBetaflight 3.2 Ultimate Setup GuideHow to Program Betaflight Turtle ModeBetaflight 3.2 PID Tuning, Live CaptureBetaflight FC Won't Connect to PCQuadcopter Won’t Arm (Betaflight 3.2+)

New: Quadcopter Won’t Arm (Betaflight 3.2+)
With the release of Betaflight 3.2 comes a new feature: Arming Status Flags. These can be useful in troubleshooting why a quadcopter will not arm. In this video, Joshua Bardwell goes over the new Arming Status Flags and how to interpret them. Includes a link to a complete list of Arming Status Flags on GitHub.

New: How to Program Betaflight Anti-turtle Mode
When you crash your quadcopter and land upside down, here is a way to program Betaflight Anti-turtle Mode (new to 3.2) to temporarily reverse prop rotation to flip your quad back over. TJ and Ian from Flite Test show how it’s done.

New: Betaflight 3.2 PID Tuning, Live Capture
In this previously Live YouTube video with flight video capture, Joshua Bardwell shows Betaflight PID tuning on a 5” racing quadcopter. Firmware used was Betaflight 3.2 RC5. Joshua started from default PID settings and went through his tuning procedures.

New: Betaflight 3.2 Ultimate Setup Guide
In this video Joshua Bardwell shows how setup Betaflight 3.2, from start to finish. He shows the first thing he does before he starts configuring. This video includes the following topics: How to flash Betaflight to a flight controller; How to configure receiver settings; How to configure ESC settings; How to configure Blackbox; How to configure Failsafe.

Betaflight FC Won’t Connect to PC
This video by Joshua Bardwell explains what to do if your Cleanflight or Betaflight flight controller will not connect to your computer. Drivers not properly installed is the most common cause. The video shows how to properly install Betaflight related drivers and flash or re-flash your flight controller.

Blade Torrent Programming Videos

  • Betaflight Dump File and Factory Settings – After updating or reinstalling Betaflight, or if just wanting to go back to factory settings, this is how it’s done.
  • Installing or Updating Betaflight – How to flash the Torrent with Betaflight. This is not needed when new, only if interested in keeping up with latest firmware.

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