AS3X Setup: 12. Control Surface Setup

In this video John Adams shows how to setup the control surface options, like reverse, subtrim, travel and balance.

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2 Comments about AS3X Setup: 12. Control Surface Setup

  1. Watched your control surface setup video. I need to put hard limits on my elevator and rudder. Then setup travel to be a little less. Their range of travel is such they can collide. Your video covers travel, but I’d like some insurance these surfaces never touch. What about setting hard limits on the DX8? The aircraft is a Legacy 84 inch Turbo Bushmaster. Receiver is AR9350

  2. Hi Steamboat. I always try to setup travel mechanically within spec initially with the servo horn, control rod and control surface horn. If you need to adjust slightly or fine tune, you can do it in the DX8 radio in Travel by just holding the stick fully in the desired direction and use the scroll wheel up or down. Leaving the stick centered will adjust both travels simultaneously. Hope that helps and happy flying!

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