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Blade Inductrix Repair VideoStatic vs Inflight Amp DrawBetaflight Setup & Tuning Videos3D Plane Surface Setup by Michael WargoBasics of RC Helicopter Flight VideosSpektrum SAFE Select Binding Process

All: Betaflight Related Setup and Tuning Videos
Betaflight Turtle Mode Setup; Betaflight 3.2 PID Tuning, Live Capture; Betaflight 3.2 Ultimate Setup Guide; Betaflight FC Won’t Connect to PC; Blade Torrent Betaflight Programming

New: 1S LiPo Battery Connector Information
This video by Ivan Wong explains why I get longer flight times with an FPV-converted Inductrix with a smaller battery and JST-RCY connector over the exact same setup with a larger battery and Molex 1.25mm connector.

Blade Inductrix Repair Video
This video shows how to replace the frame and motors on the Blade Inductrix, as well as motor and propellor rotation direction.

SAFE Select Bind Process Video
This video shows how to bind the Spektrum AR636 receiver with SAFE Select technology to your transmitter. This video covers the bind process for AS3X, AS3X and SAFE Select, and SAFE Select switch designation.

Static vs Inflight Amp Draw
In this video Quique Somenzini uses a factory setup Premier Aircraft QQ Extra 300 with a 3S 2200mAh 40C battery to show static amp draw versus actual inflight amp draw. The video shows about 40 Amps in flight and almost 50 Amps static.

Basics of RC Helicopter Flight
In this 6-part video series, Steve Petrotto, Horizon Hobby Brand Manager, uses the Blade 230S collective pitch helicopter to show how to hover, do a figure 8, basic aerobatics, box or square hover, pirouette, and fast forward flight.

Blade mCPX RC Helicopter Tutorials
In these 7 videos, James Haley, Horizon Hobby Category Manager, shows how to bind, how to take off, and how to replace worn or broken parts on the Blade mCPX collective pitch RC helicopter.

Flap Setup and Radio Programming
In these 3 videos, Matt Andren, Horizon Hobby Product Developer, shows how to install flaps and do all of the required transmitter setup and mixing, including an optional elevator-to-throttle flap mix. Although the videos show flap installation and setup on a ParkZone Sport Cub S2, the basic procedures can be used on other models with flaps.

3D Airplane Control Setup and Trim
In this detailed video Michael Wargo shows how he sets up the control surfaces on his 3D airplanes. He covers coupling and how to mix it out with your transmitter. Aileron differential, dual rates and exponential are covered as well.

Learn to Fly 3D by Michael Wargo
In these 4 videos, Michael Wargo, 3D RC pilot currently for Precision Aerobatics, explains basic aerobatic flying, 3D flying, characteristics of a 3D airplane, throttle management in 3D flying, how to perform basic 3D maneuvers, and more.

Spektrum Receiver Installation
In this video, John Adams, Spektrum Technical Director at Horizon, shows the preferred method for installing a Spektrum 6-channel full range aircraft receiver. This method of antenna orientation or polarization is typical for most any dual antenna diversity receiver or remote satellite receiver.

Spektrum Receiver with Remote Installation
In this video, John Redman, formerly of Horizon Hobby Air Division, explains how to install a Spektrum receiver with remote receivers or satellite receivers. This video covers antenna orientation with multiple remote receivers.

Spektrum AS3X Setup Videos (Viewing options below)
In this 23-part video series, John Adams, Horizon Hobby Technical Director, explains how to install and setup the Spektrum AS3X receiver, Spektrum Mobile Application and Spektrum transmitter. AS3X Setup Videos viewing options:

How to Choose a Charger and Power Supply
In this video Jacqui from ProgressiveRC goes over things to consider when purchasing a charger and power supply for your RC needs. The video covers things like determining wattage, charge rates, power required for parallel charging, etc.

RC Gyro Positioning Demonstration
Probably the most commonly asked questions about RC gyro systems is: Does a gyro or receiver with built-in gyro have to be mounted dead on CG? The answer for most 3-axis gyros or receivers with 3-axis gyros is, no. In this video, Ed demonstrates gyro positioning with a standard 3-axis gyro. Keep in mind this does not apply to 6-axis gyros or 3-axis gyros with accelerometer. They typically need to be as close to CG as possible.