Sripol DIY Pt 1. Fuselage & Basic Design

Peter Sripol’s DIY homemade electric “FAA Part 103” ultralight airplane built from hobby grade brushless motors and LiPo batteries.

Ayyyyyeeee… After Oshkosh I really missed actually flying in a plane. Since things didn’t work out with Flite Test (regarding my real airplane I bought), I never really got the chance to fly anything. I did get my private pilot’s license a while back but never used it much. Since the 172 is cost prohibitive and not really the type of flying I want to do I might as well build the airplane to perform as such! This will be a Part 103 legal ultralight aircraft! Primarily electric, it should be super quiet and a joy to fly!

DIY Electric Ultralight Airplane by Peter Sripol

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