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Unfortunately I do not have the time to maintain social media websites so the best place to learn of updates is right here on TazRC. Bookmark the homepage and check in often for updates, typically several times a week. Most new articles as well as updates to existing articles get listed on the homepage.

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Most products on TazRC as well as all costs associated with the website are paid by the owner of TazRC. Website monetization via placement of non-obnoxiously placed advertisements help defray part of these costs.

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I’m looking at possibly implementing a basic subscription application for the TazRC website so visitors will be able to subscribe to a particular page or article and receive email notifications of updates. Optionally, bookmark the homepage and check back often. New articles and updates are added several times a week.

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RC Aircraft in Phoenix Parks
For folks local to Phoenix, Arizona: City parks approved by the City of Phoenix for flying RC aircraft: RC Aircraft in Phoenix Parks