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ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger Inductrix FPV Conversion Emax Babyhawk Micro FPV Quad Inductrix Upgraded for LOS, Light Version HolyBro Shuriken 180 Pro FPV Quadcopter Thunder Power Adrenaline FPV Goggle LiPo Battery Hacker HotWing 750 with additional red and yellow paint Hacker HotWing 500 with painted leading edge and wing fences

RC Multirotor – New

New: Emax BabyHawk 85mm Micro Brushless FPV Quad
At a $100 average retail price, the 85mm Emax Babyhawk is the first affordable micro brushless FPV quadcopter. It comes as plug-and-play, which requires a flight battery and, thanks to its F3 Femto Flight Controller, a receiver from a variety of capable protocols.

New: Inductrix Upgraded for LOS, Light Version
If you’re into flying the Blade Inductrix line of sight (LOS) and like doing “trix” like flips and rolls, then this build is for you! This build yields high performance with incredible flight times of over 5 minutes of extremely hard and fast flying!

New: HolyBro Shuriken 180 Pro FPV Racer
Almost ready to fly FPV quadcopter available in DSMX, FrSky, FlySky and Futaba protocols. Requires no building whatsoever to get you in the air fast. The only additional items needed are a battery and of course a charger, transmitter and FPV goggles.

New: Inductrix FPV Conversion
I converted a stock Blade Inductrix for FPV flying by installing an all-in-one (AIO) FPV camera and upgrading the motors and battery connector. I also used 2-bladed props for slightly better flight times.

New: Inductrix Upgrades & Accessories
Many upgrades and accessories designed for the Blade Inductrix and other micro quads: carbon fiber frame braces, many different 2- to 4-blade props, upgraded motors, 1S LiPo batteries, 1S voltage checkers, 1S battery chargers, add-on FPV gear, and more.

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RC Aircraft

New: Hacker HotWing 500 Flying Wing
Hacker HotWing 500, EPP flying wing, 19.6in or 500mm wingspan. Current power setup includes an Eflite BL180 2500Kv motor, T-Motor 6A ESC, GWS 5030 EP propeller, and Gforce 2S 500mAh 30C batteries.

New: Hacker HotWing 750 Flying Wing
It seems there are fewer and fewer companies producing flying wings. I have always enjoyed flying my 30in EPP Flying Wing and wanted to get another so I could have one with lights. When Tower Hobbies got the Hacker HotWing 750mm in stock, I decided to get it and put LEDs on my other wing. After a light build and maiden flight, I’m really happy with the Hacker 750mm flying wing!

Coming Soon: Multiplex ParkMaster Pro
I will be building the latest Multiplex ParkMaster 3D foamy airplane. The goal will be lightweight with top notch components, such as good high C-rated batteries, high end ESC, and a 315W 71g motor swinging a large slow fly prop.

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RC Accessories

New: Thunder Power Adrenaline Fat Shark Goggle LiPo Battery
As you may already know, the original Fat Shark goggle battery has a built-in cell balancing circuit and can’t be charged at more than 1C. Thunder Power has a 2000mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo battery specifically for Fat Shark goggles. It has the same power plug, a working balance tap, and an XT60 connector for charging up to 4C.

New: CustomFPX Prescription Lenses for FPV Goggles
Instead of getting standard diopters for my Fat Shark Attitude V3 FPV goggles, I wanted to try a set of prescription lens inserts because they would be more tailored for my particular vision. So I ordered a set from CustomFPX.

New: Thunder Power 4-Port 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery Charger
Probably most known for high-end RC batteries, Thunder Power also offers the TP103CQ 4-Port 1S 3.7V AC/DC LiPo Battery Charger for the world of ultra-micros. Also featuring Thunder Power 220mAh 1S 3.7V FPV Adrenaline 50C LiPo Batteries.

New: Fat Shark Display Knob Mod
If you fly FPV indoors in different lighting conditions as well as outdoors at different times of the day with Fat Shark Attitude V3, Attitude V2 with faceplate, Spektrum Focal V1 or V2 goggles, you know how often you have to fiddle with the brightness knob.

New: ISDT Q6 Plus Smart Charger
After getting into micro quadcopters and wanting to charge 1S batteries back-to-back to support the addiction, I found myself looking for a small portable charger. Something lightweight, with usable features, that can be powered from a 3S or 4S LiPo battery.

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RC How-to Videos

New: 1S LiPo Battery Connector Information
This video explains why I get longer flight times with an FPV-converted Inductrix and a smaller battery with a JST-RCY connector over the same setup with a larger battery and Molex 1.25mm connector.

New: Blade Torrent Programming

1. Dump File and Factory Settings – After updating or reinstalling Betaflight, or if just wanting to go back to factory settings, this is how it’s done.
2. Installing or Updating Betaflight – How to flash the Torrent with Betaflight. Not needed when new, only if interested in keeping up with latest firmware.

New: Blade Inductrix Repair
This video shows how to replace the frame and motors on the Blade Inductrix, as well as motor rotation.

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Full-size Aircraft

New: Rob Holland at Luke Days 2014
Rob Holland at Luke Days 2014 at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, AZ.

New: B17 Flying Fortress Startup and Takeoff Video
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress “Sentimental Journey” at Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona, Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ.

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I’ll be adding more RC Aircraft, Multirotor, Accessories, How-to Videos, and Full-size Aircraft so be sure to bookmark TazRC and check back often. I’m working on a subscription application for individual pages so stay tuned for that as well.